The progression of prompts and exercises in WtW's College Essay Program invites you to explore your ideas through writing in a supportive, encouraging, and interactive environment. The foundation of this student-centered approach is a rich curriculum, based on best practices in writing instruction. Developed by teachers and educators from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, WtW's College Essay Program’s method not only facilitates the writing of college essays, but also offers writing tools that will serve you throughout your college career and beyond.

Step One: Matching and Planning

After signing up, you’ll be matched with your College Essay Advisor, who will introduce you to the writing platform, give you an overview of the program, and set up a schedule. Your Advisor offers guidance through every part of the writing process—from early brainstorming to final polishing. Your Advisor will tailor the program to the essay question (Common App or other) that best suits you.

Step Two: Warming Up

Guided by a series of short prompts and resources, you’ll flex your writing muscles and brainstorm possible topics. Your Advisor will support you in finding the story from your life that best captures the essence of who you are.

Step Three: Digging In

After you’ve decided on a topic, your Advisor will lead you through the steps, helping you shape your story, add reflection and help you discover the heart and purpose of your essay

Step Four: Piecing It Together

With scenes, descriptions, and reflections in hand, it’s time to fit the pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive draft. Your Advisor will offer tips and examples to support you through this crucial step.

Step Five: Finalizing Your Draft

Armed with a suite of revision exercises and recommendations from your Advisor, you’ll revise and polish your final draft. Scheduling additional time with your Advisor is always an option at this stage.